It’s all about experience. Yours, mine and above all — your customers’

I help conceive, plan, design and build digital experiences.

An experienced product strategist, designer and software developer, I work with clients around the world on product and digital business strategy, design, branding and web development projects.

From marketing and credentials websites to sophisticated multi-channel editorial or e-commerce platforms, I can help you deliver successful products that work for you, your customers and your budget.

Hello …

I’m Brett – digital product strategist at large, developer by trade and designer by training. I’ve been creating digital experiences since the beginning of the web.

Over the years I’ve worked with clients large and small, across Australia, Hong Kong and the UK. I’ve had many different roles, which has given me a breadth of experience and the opportunity to collaborate with and learn from interesting and talented people across the globe.

I believe in doing good work, with and for good people. If we work together, you’ll find I typically ask lots of questions. Ideally of as many stakeholders, clients or customers as possible. I always strive for practical, viable solutions that put people first.

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What I do

My skills and capabilities cover three broad pillars of digital product development: product strategy & planning; UX research & design; and, build & delivery. Depending on your project, I can work across some or all of these.

Product Strategy & Planning

I’ll help you clarify and develop your product strategy or define your product roadmap. Conducting discovery workshops and ideation sessions, or work through systems design and technology architecture. I will assist in developing a clear vision, achievable goals and meaningful outcomes to ensure successful products and real value for your customers and your business.

Using Lean methods and a deep understanding of design and development processes, I can develop project implementation plans to validate concepts, refine ideas and deliver value quickly and effectively.

UX Research & Design

Drawing on an extensive background in human-centred design and UX research methods, I will help you to explore and understand how real people use and engage with your product or idea. From field research, stakeholder interviews and competitor audits, to customer journeys, conversion funnels and content strategy — these are just a few of the tools we can use.

Focusing on user experience, I understand how to create interfaces and designs that look great, work intuitively and are a delight to use. Whether for a website or mobile app, your brand identity or design system, I can deliver wireframes, prototypes or pixel-perfect designs to suit any requirement.

Build & Delivery

The build and delivery of your product is a critical element of its success. I use modern, responsive, cloud- and mobile-first technologies and platforms, to build effective, high-performing solutions. I use Agile development methodologies to ensure we build the right thing and build the thing right. And of course, no modern digital experience is complete without robust testing and continuous delivery processes.

Whether you need a content management system or e-commerce integration, a “greenfields” development or legacy migration, I’ve managed hundreds of projects small and large, to help solve a wide variety of problems for a diverse range of clients.

Who I work for

If you’re looking to create or improve your online presence, to engage audiences, attract customers or build communities, I can help.

My experience runs from small businesses and startups (including a couple of my own), to global agencies and corporations, and across private and public sector. Some more recognizable clients include the following organizations.
  • Telstra
  • Ericsson
  • LJ Hooker
  • Coles
  • Caltex
  • Cathay Pacific
  • Asia Miles (Hong Kong)
  • Linfox
  • Department of Justice (Victoria)
  • Fair Work Building & Construction
  • McCann Erickson (Hong Kong)
  • Clemenger Group
  • IOOF
  • Colonial Mutual
  • Australia Post
  • Seven Network
  • United Overseas Bank (Singapore)
  • Andersen Consulting (Accenture)
  • Yellow Pages
  • State Emergency Service (Victoria)

How I work

Building digital products and experiences — while challenging and rewarding — is also complex, frequently messy, and dependent on many factors. These are often unique to your business, your industry and your customers.

One thing I have learned is that there is no ‘magic bullet’, no off-the-shelf process for success. Process is great for making sausages. It doesn’t work so well for delivering unique experiences that delight your customers, build engaged communities and deliver results to your business.

For that we need a more flexible framework; one based on design thinking.

Design thinking starts by considering what your customers need or want, and how, where and why they engage with your products and services.

Potential solutions must then be both feasible and viable; achievable within the constraints of time, budget and available resources, and sustainable over the long term.

Design thinking also demands that we consider whether we should do something. Is it right, is it a good fit, does it make sense — is it ethical.

My job is to help find that ‘sweet spot’ between design and technology, customer experience and commercial viability.

How I’ll work with you

Flexibility is the new normal. So I’ll work with you in whatever mode is appropriate: on-site, remote or embedded with your team; full-time, part-time or on an a consultative basis. Similarly, I’ll help you develop a product strategy or roadmap and leave you to it. Or I can manage the whole project, or any variation in between.

I value trust and transparency and work hard to ensure clear and open communication with you. Our engagement will typically start with an agreed outline of scope, timeframe or budget. However, changes are almost inevitable with product development work. We learn new things, change our minds, uncover new opportunities or previously hidden problems. So if — or when — things change, we’ll discuss them and agree to any changes to scope, schedule or budget.

Get in touch

I’m always available to chat — online, on the phone or over a coffee. Feel free to reach out if you’d like to discuss product strategy, design or the technical details of your next project.

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